The company I started in 1990, ECC Technologies, Inc. (ECC Tek) has assigned all of its intellectual property to me.

I decided to license all of my “know-how” and ECC CAD software “tools”.  Know-how is the most valuable ECC asset I own, and the ECC CAD software tools allow anyone with the know-how to quickly develop any Reed-Solomon (RS) or Binary BCH (BBCH) encoder and decoder to operate at any performance level with a variable level of parallelism which can input and output a variable number of symbols (or bits) simultaneously.  The know-how and tools will equip every licensee with the ability to quickly develop any RS or BBCH encoder and decoder they may need now or any other time in the future.

 If you are interested in licensing my know-how and tools, please contact me.

 I have been involved with error-correcting codes for more than 45 years - since 1973 - and have developed and licensed many ECC designs.  High-performance, parallel Reed-Solomon (PRS) designs I designed are currently being implemented by NASA, numerous other space companies and are also being used by the European Space Agency.  Other designs such as a programmable RS design for the IEEE 802.16 wireless standard (cellular backhaul microwave application), RS for DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) and many binary BCH designs for MLC NAND Flash are currently in mass production and millions of copies have been sold.  Every company that has licensed my designs has been pleased with the results.  The performance of my designs often exceed the customer's requirements and expectations.